Hang tags, also known as swing tickets or swing tags, are applied to products and will assist you to reinforce your branding and marketing messages. Your customers will read the information printed on your swing tickets to make comparisons between products, will use it to perceive value and understand product benefits.

On a garment, hang tags are generally attached to a woven brand label and display useful information about the brand. They can however be attached to almost any product from handbags to accessories and footwear. Generally made from paper, swing tickets can be made in a range of thicknesses, colours, shapes and sizes. The importance of a quality hang tag to support your brand strategy cannot be overstated.

Manufactured using a range of kraft papers, coated papers, uncoated papers and a range of specialty boards, our hang tags can be perfectly finished with a range of special varnishes, laminates, foils, embossing and debossing. A full range of eco-friendly swing tags is also on offer. Contact us today to find out more about how our swing tags can help to elevate your brand.